Alot of these cheap new Network Attached Storage (NAS) external hard disk enclosures come with the same software running them, just with slightly altered web based configuration pages for them.

Unfortunately, They all seem far too clunky and not exactly user friendly. This is why I decided to make my own!

If you have any questions, please contact me via my main site, Viperfang Networks.

Here are some other great resources for your LAN Disk:
ViperNAS is only a custom interface. It is not the firmware (Such as NAS-BASIC49B1). You do, however, use the firmware upload secion to upload it to your device. So, Upload you firmware, then upload your boot loader (sometimes the same file as your firmware) then upload ViperNas. Enjoy!

I will be releasing the source shortly. If you wish to copy / alter my work, then please ask me first and always give credit where credit is due!

Thanks for looking!

The Administrator.

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